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Natural. Gentle. Vet Formulated. Premium Quality. Kind To The Environment.

Shy Tiger was created by Dr Nicole Rous, a Melbourne veterinarian and dog owner. These all-natural plant-based products offer vet approved health support for dogs. ​​Loved by veterinarians, Shy Tiger has become a trusted source of natural alternatives to manage stress, skin and lifestyle needs for pet owners.​

Shy Tiger is a wholly Australian-owned and operated pet care company, founded by Dr Nicole Rous, an integrative veterinarian deeply committed to natural health practices. Dr Nicole also owns and operates Mont Albert Veterinary Surgery in Melbourne, Australia.

Supporting Australian-made products is fundamental to Shy Tiger. We are proud to be 100% Australian-owned and operated, and we source our natural ingredients from Australian farms and producers whenever possible.

Dr Nicole Rous’s veterinary background and dedication to integrative health practices make her and her team the ideal partners for pet owners looking for the best possible care for their pets. 

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Watch Dr.Nicole's series of

tutorials for Shy Tiger's products:

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