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When it comes to caring for our dogs, we are more knowledgeable today than ever before. Finally “junk food” is being exposed and replaced by natural solutions which consider our dogs’ health and wellness with respect.

Bell and Bone is a brand with purpose, using superfoods and natural ingredients to give our dogs the best nutrition.  We aim to support dog owners in their journey, helping them choose the right options. All of our products are natural and each ingredient has been carefully selected for the benefit it provides.

Designed to empower, educate and support pet owners in their decision making, Bell & Bone is a brand with a purpose. At the heart of all that they do lies the use of natural, uncompromised, top-quality ingredients paired with clinical expertise for a blend of clean pet food you can trust.


Transparency is integral to this philosophy. Instead of creating chemically ‘flavoured’ products, Bell & Bone develop outcome-based dog treats and dental sticks formulated for specific canine needs. If a balanced belly, healthy coat, increased energy levels or dental health are your priority, you can be sure it’s at the top of their agenda. They use grain and filler-free, Australian-made ingredients with no nasties so that your dog is getting all the right nutrients in each mouthful.

Grain free, human grade & hypoallergenic.

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