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ZIWI is the top-rated natural diet for dogs and cats, manufactured in New Zealand from NZ sourced ethically-farmed ingredients, in line with the ancestral diet of dogs and cats. ZIWI's air dried food is a complete and balanced diet that includes over 96% fresh meat, organs, bone and seafood.


ZIWI was created to mimic what your dog or cat would naturally eat in the wild. No grains, glycerins or nasty fillers and the gentle twin stage "air drying" process ensures natural nutrition and goodness is maintained.

All of ZIWI's meat ingredients are sourced from humane, ethical and sustainably managed local farms in New Zealand. Their fish is caught in the southern oceans of New Zealand and strictly managed by the New Zealand government to ensure natural sustainability.

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For millions of years, canines and felines have feasted on raw meat, organs, bones, vegetables and fruit - long before domestication by humans and grain-based pet foods.

Veterinarians now understand the importance raw food has in pets health and longevity. What ZIWI chose to feed our pets has a lasting impact on their physical and overall health, which is why they carefully select raw ingredients rich in vitamins, minerals and trace elements to support cleaner teeth, a shinier coat, healthier skin and more energy.