Bell & Bone

Bell and Bone is a lifestyle and a community for knowledgeable owners who take the responsibility of caring for a dog seriously.  When it comes to caring for dogs, Bell & Bone

are more knowledgeable today than ever before.


Finally “junk food” is being exposed and replaced by natural solutions which consider our dogs’ health and wellness with respect.

Research suggests that dogs are omnivores, naturally hunting their prey and eating the animal whole – bones, organs and the fruit, vegetables and plants from inside their stomachs.

Owners are now feeding their dogs raw diets – cracking eggs, pouring coconut oil, sprinkling turmeric and treating their dogs with carrots and blueberries. However, with the increasingly busy lifestyle of pet-owners - Bell & Bone provide convenience to owners by using the right ingredients – natural, healthy, targeted –and putting

them into pet food.

Grain free, human grade & hypoallergenic 

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