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WAG is a brand that stands for so much more than just the sales of their products. WAG promotes a healthy and balanced lifestyle for dogs because we understand the importance of companionship and the bond between dogs and their owner.


The team at WAG know that dogs need food to survive, but they need good, nutritious food to thrive. WAG food and treats are real, 100% natural and offer a range that is full of variety with products that your dogs know and love, as well as with other fun and delicious products for them to try.


When you treat your pup to WAG, you’re treating them and their health with wholesome single-ingredient goodness.

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As dog parents, it’s up to us to make the right choices for their health.  


Not only do treats make the ideal training tool, they’re the ultimate doggo junk food – with no artificial preservatives, no added salt or sugars or glycerines. WAG treats are air-dried and 100% natural – meaning we don't add additives, preservations, basically anything not-natural into our treats. We don't "process" anything. Basically, it's what anybody would be doing at home, except we do it on a larger scale!

Our treats are dried to perfection through a slow air dehydration process. Air dehydration removes the water and moisture from the raw meat and adds nothing nasty back in. This process locks in the natural nutrients and allows for a rich, concentrated taste to gradually develop in each single-ingredient treat.  


WAG treats are pure, through and through, offering benefits for every part of your dog’s health. Like being good for the gut, helping maintain healthy hips and joints and promoting healthy teeth and gums. Treats are also perfect for mental stimulation – keeping their minds keen and mean for training and learning, both young and senior.  


Can’t teach an old dog new tricks? With WAG treats, you can.

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