Explore the resources below to learn how to keep your mental health and wellbeing in great shape

On this page, you will find information and resources covering many different mental health issues. If you would like to see information about a particular topic, please make contact with Erin. New content is added regularly.


Types of Therapy

Read about mental health as a continuum and different types of therapy available.

Practice Walking

Mental Health Resources

Check out this website for resources from service providers covering aged care, carer support and supporting children to name a few.

Family Moments

Four Pillars of Wellbeing

This Tip Sheet explores the 4 Pillars of Wellbeing, and how to improve your mental outlook.

Sunset Surfing
Mind Relaxation

Heading 1

Better Mind, Better Me!

Try a New Activity


Follow this worksheet to choose a new activity to reflect on an experience that didn't go according to plan

Read this tip sheet about how to accept your emotions

Watch this short webinar on the benefits of being mindful

Watch the video to learn some yoga poses. Yoga is great for stretching and balance, and also helps with clearing your mind.

Watch this short video to learn some easy tips to maintain your mental health and wellbeing.


Try this 5 Minute Meditation video to re-set your mind during a busy day.

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Setting Boundaries

Boundaries are important to our mental health. Learn what boundaries are and how to set them for yourself.

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Know the Signs

Reach out when you think someone is struggling.

Wild Flowers

Acacia Connect

Click here to read issue 3 of your EAP magazine (August 2022)


Support and Counselling

Click the 'Read More' button to see a list of support services for those who may be struggling with personal issues.

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Your EAP

Acacia EAP is your Employee Assistance Program. Click to learn more.

Two Sheep

Something Light

Animals to make you smile.

News Reading

Vets and Mental Health

Click here to watch a program on Vets and mental health issues.

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One Foot Forward

Join in the walk for mental health in October. Let Erin, Chris or Hayley know if you'd like to take part in the challenge.

Chocolate Chip Cookie

Bad Habits

Click here to read about strategies to break bad habits.