About us



Number 1 (Australia) Pty Ltd is focused on representing quality, premium and natural pet food brands.


Our focus is dedicated to customer service and people, business development and premium products, and our motto is Healthy People, Healthy Pets, Healthy Planet. We have been built around collaboration, trust, integrity and honesty to ensure the brands we represent are successful and grow effectively, to also enable our business to grow.

Through a wealth of knowledge, contacts, care and exceptional communication we are the number one choice when it comes to the distribution of high end products within Australia.

Number 1 (Australia) Pty Ltd is a full service distribution company founded in 2013, primarily to distribute premium pet food and other pet products. Since then, the company has grown three fold year on year, and forecasts ongoing, strong growth at a substantial rate.

The distribution business model was built around supplying the industry's leading air dried pet food ZIWI, to the Australian market. As the business has grown we have expanded the ZIWI range into treats, and we are growing our brand portfolio.

About us

Number 1 (Australia) Pty Ltd was established at the beginning of 2013, with a focus on niche brands for canine/feline consumption.
Since 2013 we have grown, and continue to grow strongly.
Our core brand ZIWI Peak has grown from a niche brand into being almost ubiquitous.
Australia is now ZIWI’s number 3 market globally (out of 20+ countries), behind just North America and China.


Through a wealth of knowledge, contacts, care and exceptional communication we feel we are the Number 1 choice when it comes to full-service distribution of high-end natural pet products within Australia.

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Services we offer 

Full-service distribution

from our national distribution centre in NSW

Satellite storage and/or

distribution from our VIC


Efficient, quick and traceable Australia-wide distribution

Sales representatives, product demonstrators and brand 


Stock management

and storage

Full sales support team covering order processing, invoicing, customer service etc

Market and industry insights and consultancy to help grow your brand

Incubation, support and guidance of new brand launches